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You may contact members of the family as follows:

Ken Dearden E-mail

Skype Using either of the above E-mail addresses

Jenny Dearden E-mail


Abusive, offensive, obscene or threatening messages and unsolicited messages for advertising purposes that are received shall be tracked and reported to your Internet Service Provider with a request that your Internet Services be terminated forthwith. If a criminal offence is believed to have been committed, a request shall be made for your demographic details to be passed on to your local law enforcement agency with a view to bringing criminal charges.

Unsolicited messages from unrecognised sources are identified as Junk mail and are automatically and permanently deleted. Any requests for notification are ignored. If you send us a legitimate message and do not receive a reply, it is most probably because it has been identified as Junk mail. If you have a valid reason for contacting us, we suggest you try some other means.

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