The Dearden Family
Ken Dearden
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I was born in 1947 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, the youngest in a family of six children, of which four survived to maturity, married and had children of their own, me being one of them.

I was educated at Firth Park Grammar School, alas no more. I have compiled a summary of my teachers that may be of interest to any old Firparnians reading this and comments, corrections and additional information would be useful.

After a brief spell in a steelworks laboratory, I spent three years learning the intricacies of Electronic Engineering at Sheffield University, from which I miraculously graduated with a 2.2 honours degree. Had I not discovered beer and women, in that order, I might well have managed a 2.1.

The most useful skill acquired at this stage of my education was that of playing a good hand of contract bridge.

This led me to the dole queue for a good six months before I embarked on a career in Information Technology with the National Health Service at Sheffield Regional Hospital Board, situated in the rural outskirts of Fulwood. I am indebted to a number of people there, with whom I worked, for their patience and guidance and of whom I have fond memories and some embarrassing photographs.

For those who want to reminisce or those who are simply curious about the time I spent at Trent, you may be interested in the following, humorous offerings from those times.

Under Control
Owed to a Payroll Team
M.O.M.’s the Word

I married Jennifer, who I had first met when she was 14 and courted ever since, in 1973 and we bought our first semi-detached home at Deepcar, leaving behind the somewhat less desirable locale of the council-run Flower Estate.