The Dearden Family

Welcome to my home (in more senses than one) page.

I have constructed this page for family and friends to view and share information.

If you wish to contribute, please E-mail me at You will find more contact information on the Contact Us page.
Recent Changes
12th October 2017 New Picture Gallery: Scout Moor Wind Turbine Development
Update to Datacare Publications
8th October 2017 Update to Lyel and Judy's Visit
7th October 2017 Re-organisation of the Family Tree
This is a technical, cosmetic change and should not affect the appearance of the web pages.
New Web Pages: Greenpeace
This is work in progress.
1st October 2017 Monthly Update for September 2017
Update to Monthly Updates Page 1:
26th September 2017 New Picture Gallery: Matthew's new Ducati
New Picture Gallery: Ken's 70th Birthday
New Picture Gallery: More decorating pictures
25th September 2017 Major Update to the whole Picture Gallery
8th September 2017 Update to Decorating Pictures
New Picture Gallery Lyel and Judy's Visit
3rd September 2017 Monthly Update for August 2017
Update to Monthly Updates Page 1: